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“Pitcher” = Thunder Throat Punch

I am not joking here, the next person who says “pitcher” [pit-cher] when referring to a photo, gets throat punched like they’re in a Bruce Lee movie.

I may be just a Chi, but I have standards and I like to think of myself as educated kind of guy, you know? So, when I hear someone call a photo a pit-cher it makes me want to dip their lips in a hornet’s nest so maybe they have a reason for talking like a retard. Seriously.  And by the way, there IS supposed to be an “ly” on the end of that word, for those of you like to just say “Serious”.

So, little grammar lesson here, ok?…a pit-cher is either:  A. someone who stands on the pitcher’s mound and throws a baseball to the batter or; B. A receptacle for which to pour a beverage from, particularly beer – beer pitcher. A pit-cher and a picture are two different things and are pronounced DIFFERENTLY! See that? There is a “C” in one of them, pronounce it or you get throat punched!

A picture [pĭk′chər] is a photo. See the “C”? No “T”. Pic-ture. You know how lots of people refer to a photo as a “pic”? Yeah, you don’t hear them saying “Hey, I’ll send you my profile pit, do you ya? No. They say pic because it’s short for picture, damn it! PIC-freaking-TURE! Say it!

Look at this….


Pitcher FOr Pete's Blog

This is a picture of a pitcher. See that? I have no freaking idea what is happening to the dude’s arm though. That’s some weird alien crap happening there.

And hey, while this Chi is on a grammar rant here let’s discuss “your” versus “you’re”. Yep there are two of them folks. But all I see all around the internet – even from people who are supposed to know this – is “your” for it all.

Quick lesson:

You’re nuts. This means YOU ARE nuts. You are freaking bat-crap looney.
“You’re” is a contraction (like an abbreviation) for YOU ARE.

Your nuts. This means the nuts are yours. “Your” shows possession. Not like Linda Blair Exorcist possession, but like ownership…the nuts that belong to you, dude…your nuts are busted.

Get it? Learn it. Use it. Or I’m opening up another thunder throat punch!

Now for some calming, meditative yoga….

Peace out,

Petey Lee