Gus is funny and, um, slow. You know, not so smart. The lady at the rescue place told mom he was developmentally slow. Mom said that’s why he looks lost sometimes, but he’s a cool guy.

He can’t jump as well as most kitties. It’s like he doesn’t know his legs work like that. You know, I’m not the best jumper either, I’m mean I’m an excellent jumper for a Chi, but Chihuahuas are not the most aerodynamic dogs. Anyway, so I can’t really give him good pointers on the jumping thing. Elsa could though. But she doesn’t. Furry “b”.

Gus cleans my ears and my head, but sometimes he gets too close to my eyes so, of course, I have to pull away. That frustrates him, I guess, cause he tries to pull me back with his big snow-shoe paws. They really are astoundingly big.

So, yeah, Gus and I are buddies. We chill out on the couch together, we sleep on the same blanket on the bed, I don’t mind sharing my blanket with him. He cleans me and I try to help him remember where the water dish is.


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