Where do I even start?

Elsa is my kitty sister…or she could be a furry demon. She’s older than I am, not much though, only a year. Though evil is ancient. She acts like she’s so much older and wiser, but I know better. She tells me I’m dumb, but she’s jus’ has low self-esteem….and maybe a little bit of crazy. And evil. She might be the devil, actually.

She confuses me. I’m a simple guy, you know, so I don’t understand the motivation for the things she does. It jus’ doesn’t makes any kind of sense to me. And sometimes I am tempted to think she likes me when she tries to rub her face and butt on me (eeewww), but I won’t be fooled. She also jumps out of hiding places to scare the beejeezuz out of me…and I hear her giggle. I do. A Chi can scare easily, you know.

Yeah, she will walk by me and whisper something mean under her breath to get me riled up. I try to resist, I do, but sometimes it makes me so darn mad.

She chases me, too. And I see the way she sits and stares at me. It’s like she wants to eat me. I’m a tough little dude, I am, but it’s disturbing. I see her stare at mom the same way. It’s unsettling and I know it freaks mom out, she said so. I’m afraid if mom doesn’t placate her she will eat mom while she sleeps. Seriously.

Also, she does this weird thing where she scratches her front paws on mirrors. Someone told mom that evil can live in mirrors, so it’s like she’s trying to get her unholy self back into the mirror whence she came. See! More proof.

She’s mean to Gussy, too. Gussy is a good guy. Yeah he’s a little “slow”, but that’s no reason to be nasty to him. He has a good heart. But then, see, evil hates good.

When I first met her, I thought she had the most beautiful fur. I loved her fur. Now, I think she’s like a gold-dipped devil turd. The outside sure may be priddy, but inside it’s still a turd. And evil.

Elsa and I get along ok though when you think about it. Mom says she really does love me, she jus’ doesn’t know how to express it. Emotions make her feel vulnerable and she doesn’t like that. I say she’s the devil and biding her time till she can steal my soul.


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