Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

So, as it says above, I am a chihuahua and these are my stories…about life, the world, my mom and my existence with 2 cats – Elsa (The Devil) and Gussy (the sweet, but dumb one). I thought, you know, I think I have a unique view on the world and maybe my peeps would like read my stories. Actually, I thought who the heck cares what a chi has to say, but aunt Jodi convinced me to start this blog. So, I hope you enjoy it, if you don’t, bugger off and go read Tumbler. Ah, jus’ kiddin’. Maybe.

Ok, so maybe you might also like to know how a small town chi like myself got his start in the world. Well, here is my story…

I was born a poor bla….just kidding, that wasn’t me. That was from that movie with that funny guy. Well, actually…I was kind of poor, at least the part where I was homeless in the trailer park. So many homes, but none for me.

See, I don’t remember much of my first year. Mom says it is most likely a case of “repressed memories”. You know, like those memories are so terrifying for a little guy like me,  I made myself forget them. I don’t actually remember making myself forget, but mom says I should stop thinking about it and focus on the “now”. Yeah, like NOW Elsa is looking at me like she wants to eat me. Sorry, getting off subject, back to my beginning.

So, some nice people found me wandering around a trailer park, scavenging (I just learned that word) for chicken. I love chicken.  I guess I was looking for any food ’cause I was pretty skinny – way below my fightin’ weight.

They took me to a nice lady named Pat. She saves all kinds of dogs that have repressed memories and ones who’s moms and dads didn’t want them anymore. It was truly sad. There were some really nice guys at Pat’s place. Girls, too, of course. I don’t know why their people were so dumb. But let’s not talk about that, it’s too depressing. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for…like my mom now, she isn’t dumb…and she gives me lots of chicken. But not too much, little guys like me gotta watch the calories, you know.

Mom came to see me one chilly March afternoon. She said she saw my picture online, looked in my eyes and knew I was supposed to be hers. She was right, you know. It’s almost like one of those eHarmony stories…except it’s not, cause that would be weird. Anyway…

So mom took me home to meet my two sisters, Bronte and Elsa. Bronte was a smart dog, way bigger than me, but nice. Elsa is a kitty – or maybe  the devil. For more about Elsa see her link, I explain it all there.

In 2009, Bronte went to some place called heaven. Mom said it wasn’t cause she couldn’t stand Elsa anymore, it was ’cause her body was old and worn out, so she had to stay in heaven to feel better. She was a wonderful friend and she taught me many useful things.

After Bronte went to heaven, mom thought maybe if Elsa had a friend she would stop screwing with me so much. That’s why we got our other kitty, Gus. Mom said he is, um, de…devel…de-vel-op-ment-ally slow. We’re buddies, though, cause he’s freindly. He’s a pruddy social guy, like myself. Gus has a link, too. He does funny stuff.

I have it pruddy good here. I have 2 beds, plus mom lets me sleep on her bed, that’s more than most chihuahuas I know. I get healthy, delicious food to keep me at my fightin’ weight, my water bowl is always full even though the kitties drink from it, too. I have so many toys mom says we should give some to less fortunate dogs.  I always have plenty of healthy items to get my chewing satisfaction, as well. Bully-sticks are my favorite…but they make vomit.

I also have a number of leashes and collars to choose from, you know, depending on my mood and the weather. It’s nice to have choices. Mom also has a variety of coats for me which I do not like. I do not. Mom says when it gets really cold I should wear a coat to help keep warm on our walks. Well, I think if it’s that darn cold then we should just stay inside, no Paris Hilton doggy dress-up for this guy.

So, that’s a little bit about me. Thanks for visiting and I sure do hope you enjoy my blog.


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