Monthly Archives: August 2011

Mom Created A Gussy-Monster

<Sigh>…I love Gussy, I do.We’re buds…kind of like Butch and Sundance, you know? He’s cool for a cat, even though he’s, uh, slow…you know, not smart..or maybe that’s what makes him cool. Hmm. And I’m priddy sure Sundance was smart… Anyway… Mom takes a little extra special care of him ’cause he’s retarded and I’m ok with that. I mean, well, sometimes I get jealous, but mostly I try to be an upstanding guy ’cause that’s how I roll… Setting a good example for the Chihuahuas of the world. 

And don’t misunderstand me, I’m not “dissin’ ma bud, but mom has extra-special-cared him right into a brat. Ok, maybe that’s harsh ’cause it’s really only in one area. See, Gus can’t jump like a normal cat. It’s like he doesn’t know he has back legs or something. He can’t get up on the 4ft windowsill in the bedroom. And even though he has 2 other BIG sliding glass doors to look out of, he likes that window the best. I don’t get it. But I’m a Chi, not a cat. And I’m not retarded. So, he can’t jump up there. I said that. Ok, so when he comes over and looks at the window longingly with big “stoned” eyes, mom is right there to pick him up and put him in the window. Every time.

So, now he wants up on the window at all hours. You know, the ass-crack of dawn, late at night…whenever he wants up mom puts him there. See, ’cause if she doesn’t, he lets out these little squeaks that I guess are supposed to be  meows, but it sounds like he’s leaking or something.  And if she doesn’t do it after a few squeaks, then he claws at the freakin’  curtains!

Now, you may be asking yourself why this should bother me? After all, I am a relaxed, love-and-be-loved kind of guy. And even the little noises he makes doesn’t bother me so much, it’s the being disturbed amidst my coziness in bed when mom has to get up. I get knocked around or the covers get thrown off and I get a chill. I don’t like it. I don’t. A guy needs his rest, you know. And yeah, I know I get to sleep during the day while everyone’s gone, but see the night is the best. It is the most cozy time to sleep. And mom is there…it’s not as cozy sleeping alone. Then when I get disturbed it throws me off for hours.

And I do understand that maybe mom puts him up there at ALL HOURS because his squeaking  bothers her and I know she needs her sleep. Boy, does she need her sleep. That’s another blog, though. So, I do get it. To a point. ‘Cause look what it has done. It has conditioned Gussy to meow till he gets his way. So, he  meows to get up there..and mom puts him up…and on and on it goes. When Elsa whines mom just tells her to bugger off. And Elsa is fine with that. But Gussy, he really doesn’t understand. He looks hurt and sad when mom tries to hold out..then she caves. Caves like a lawn chair fort in a thunderstorm.

We need a new solution. Mom did talk of building him stairs for the windowsill like she did for the hutch so he could get to his food. But, she decided that it would be too risky to have Gus up so high and unattended. She was afraid she come home from work to find Gussy hanging from the cord of the blinds, Tombstone style.

Well, thanks for listening…sometimes a guy just needs to vent.