Defense Mechanism or Halitosis?

So, ok, my mom says I have “breath that could melt her eyeballs”. You know, she means I have bad breath. Yeah, she says that about her Petey Sweets.

However, Helen explained to her thatit could, in fact, be a defense mechanism. You know, like a skunk, but at the other end. So see, I said to mom, it’s not bad breath, it’s stinky for reason! It’s to fight off predators, I could melt the fur off a coyote and save myself, Helen says.  “Cause you know, coyotes are a real threat to a little guy in these parts.

Then there’s the hawks. Hawks could eat me. Swoop right down, grab me with his massive claws and carry me to his nest. I’m only 9 pounds, you know. And even though that’s ma fightin’ weight, those hawks are enormous! But, with my breath-bomb capabilities all I have to do is hit him with a yawn before he grabs me, melt his wings right off. That’s if I didn’t die of fright first.

Naww, I wouldn’t get frightened, I’m a brave dude. Well…mostly.

Anyway, so next time you think a Chi has halitosis, think again. It’s probably his on-board lethal weapon.

Cheers & Chicken,


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