WA state: Drama Queens and Sissies

So that’s what mom and I think. Let me tell you why…

I’m sure you’ve heard about the earthquake in Japan. That’s sad. I feel really bad for all those people and their pets. And they had a giant wave called…um…a…tsunami? Yeah. That was devastating.

But mom and I heard on the radio this morning that they are evacuating people on the WA coast for a tsunami warning as well. Yeah, guess high they are predicting the waves to be? ONE to FOUR FEET. Heck, my mom swims in waves bigger than that every summer, has since she was a kid. I mean, I never actually saw her, but I have pictures. Actually, lots of people – hundreds – go to the beach all over the country, were waves are bigger than that ALL THE TIME. And they PLAY in them. No one gets hurt. Again I’ve seen pictures. And video.

Now people in WA are running like rats because of FOUR FOOT waves? Man, what sissies! It makes me giggle. Except it’s sad. The people here are afraid of snow, they’re afraid of sunshine and temperatures above 60 and now they’re afraid of little waves. Cheeeesh. Seems they try turn every little turd-nugget of caution into a big steaming pile of crisis. They talk about it on the news non-stop and get people all worked-up. If something really bad ever happens their little hearts will pop like a rabbit’s.

So, you know. I feel sorry for all those people in Japan, but Washington peeps? …Grow some danglers and stop being over-sensitive p*ssies. 4 inches of snow doesn’t not constitute “Snow-magedon”, 80 degree temps do not warrant a “heat-advisory”, nor does 70 degrees require blasting air-conditioning and 4 foot waves do not equate to a tsunami.

Jus’ sayin’.

Cheers & Chicken,


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