Hello world!

Hello world! I like the sound of that. Helloooo world! Kind of makes me feel like Leonardo…wait. Oh that was “I’m king of the world!” I always thought of myself more of a prince kind of guy. Not that I like purple so much and I would never change my name to a symbol. Dumb.

Anyway, so thanks for checking out my blog.

Like my the page says, I am a Chihuahua and these blogs will be my stories. I felt, you know, I’m a preddy thoughtful guy, I notice things, I have original thoughts so why not share my stuff with the world – everyone else is doing it. ‘Course, that doesn’t means it’s right, doing it ’cause everyone else is. There’s plenty of examples of that out here on the great wide web, but I think a guy like myself could make a unique contribution. And it gives a me chance to vent my frustrations with Elsa (see her link). Mom says writing is good therapy.

If you would like to know more about my life before starting this blog, you can click on the “About” button to learn of my humble beginnings. I don’t write about it much…I jus’ try living in the present, looking at the future. That’s how I roll.

This is very exciting, very exciting. So I jus’ want to say thanks again for reading my stuff.

Cheers & Chicken,



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